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Step-By-Step Guide: How To Plan A Wedding

 Well done! You have asked the person you love to marry and made the first step towards lifelong love and happiness. But what happens now? Obviously, the next thing you should think about is planning for your marriage. But how should you start?

The reason why it can be difficult to plan a wedding is that there are so many things that need to be taken into account such as venue, colors, theme, music, and more. It becomes even harder when you want to make this day unforgettable and perfect hence you may want to overthink everything.

Don't worry though; that's why we are here! To help you with this, we are going to give an easy-to-follow guide on how to plan a wedding right from the beginning. So let’s get started!

1. Set A Budget

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Like any party, you must carefully create a budget to ensure each part of the event works harmoniously. To do this, simply sit together with your partner and openly discuss your finances.

How much are you willing to spend? How much can both of you bring for the wedding expenses? How much do you need after the wedding for other essential expenses? Besides having enough money to cover that beautiful day, you still need some left in the bank to keep the happiness going.

You could even ask your parents for help; they may be happy to chip in for your wedding expenses. But do this early in the planning phase so they have enough time to evaluate how much they can support you.

2. Pick What Matters To You Two

While planning how much you can spend on the wedding, outline what should be included in the event. Note that these will depend on what you and your partner want - a simple wedding outdoors with a few people or a grand one in a large hall with your entire friends list.

You two may also consider other factors like live music, the type of food served, invitation only, whether children are present, etc. While sorting out what’s important for the occasion, also be conscious of your budget and avoid exceeding it.

But ultimately, your wedding is meant to be memorable and special, so it must include elements that you two value. You can take outside suggestions, but ultimately, you two have the final say.

3. Pick A Wedding Style Or Theme

The next step would be to get inspiration for the type of wedding you want, whether vintage, modern, festive, etc. You might not even stick to a whole theme; you might just make exciting color, fabric, or pattern suggestions to make your special day more special.

Another reason choosing a wedding theme or style is necessary is that it makes it easier to select a supplier. You may not need to juggle multiple vendors, as one should have all you need or can help you get them.

But how do you choose a wedding theme? That depends entirely on you and your partner. It can be a simple white wedding with lights and sparkles or something dark and gothic. But also consider your guests’ experience, as they matter.

4. Who’s Invited?

The type of people you invite to your wedding plays a crucial role in how you feel that day. You must be surrounded by people who shower you with congratulations, support, and positive vibes.

They can range from family members to coworkers, but what matters is that they have a good emotional connection with you and have been there during your highs and lows. But at the same time, your parents may influence the list.

They may invite their social circle to celebrate their child’s special day. While this is wholesome, you can communicate with them about the type of people and the number they can bring to preserve the significance of your special day.

5. Choose A Wedding Date

Naturally, a wedding can only start by choosing a date. However, this is also important for other factors, like sending invitations, posting on social media, and picking a venue.

When deciding when to get married, choose based on the season, week, and day. You want to avoid clashing your special day with important events like sports or national holidays.

The time you choose also impacts the venues available and the amount you pay. Statistics show that June, September, and October are the most popular months for weddings, which means the cost will be higher during those months.

6. Pick A Venue

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in this post, your venue plays an important role. It determines the location, number of attendees, and date of your special day.

As usual, you need to sit down with your spouse-to-be and decide based on your budget, invitation list, wedding theme, and other discussions. You must also consider your guests, especially whether they’ll need accommodation or special transportation to attend.

You also need to consider whether you’ll hire a special catering service or get help from your friends and family. Ultimately, the most important factor to consider is your budget; ensure it’s within your means and leaves enough room to spend on other things.

7. Prepare Invitations

You’ve got your budget, venue, invitation list, wedding theme, and other factors set. So, the next phase is to invite people for the grand day. Fortunately, there are many ways to go about this phase.

You can post a general invitation notice on your social media, which will appear on the feeds of your close contacts. Afterward, you can message each person on your social media list about the occasion and personally invite them.

You can choose a more formal route and send a message via email, or you can do the same by printing physical invitation cards and mailing them to those who matter in your life.

Irrespective of the method you use, personalise the invitation by adding their names or sending a direct message. This will make them feel valued and increase their chances of attending.

8. Get The Wedding Gown And Suit

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Most girls dream about being in a beautiful white wedding gown, which is one of the most memorable parts of the wedding preparation experience.

If you plan to make a custom gown, most designers will need at least six months' notice, as they are most likely on another contract. This should give them enough time to prepare your dress weeks before your special date.

But remember that getting a personalised wedding gown is expensive, especially considering you only wear it for one day. To offset this cost, others choose to rent a gown instead.

These are often on display in bridal shops and can be far cheaper than making one. So, visit one of these places, test the one that suits you best, and get the paperwork going.

The groom can choose an appropriate suit he already owns or get a personalised one for the wedding. It all depends on your budget.

9. Pick The Bridesmaid And Groomsmen

If you plan to include a bridal train and groomsmen, this is the right time to choose them. Fortunately, picking these people isn’t tricky at all.

Your family members, siblings, and cousins are the first people to check. The people most likely grew up with you and boosted your happiness with their infectious joy and enthusiasm.

On the other hand, you can consider your close friends, who were there through thick and thin and will celebrate you on such a special occasion. Irrespective of who they are, what matters the most is that you’re emotionally familiar with them.

Once you’ve picked these people, the next phase is to choose an attire or dress code for them. If you have the money, customised attire would be great. But for a more budget-friendly option, a simple dress code would be better. Just inform them on time.

10. Don’t Forget Your Wedding Rings

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Don’t get so focused on other factors of your wedding that you forget your wedding rings. Picking these symbols of love can be fun, as you can play with unique designs, materials, and precious stones.

Naturally, you can choose the budget-friendly route and opt for a simple ring; however, you need to carefully consider this aspect since this ring will be on display for years. So it’s best to get one that you two will be proud to show off.

At the same time, ensure your choice is consistent with your budget. If not, you can get simple rings for now and replace them later when you’re more financially buoyant. Nevertheless, ensure you two agree before making a decision.


Getting married is undoubtedly exciting since it marks a massive transition in your life. This importance can also introduce some anxiety as you try your best to perfect those few hours. Hopefully, these tips will help simplify the process and point you in the right direction.

But if you find the entire process complicated, consider hiring an event planner. They have years of experience to ensure you get everything right while sticking to your budget.

Happy planning, and good luck with your wedding!