20 Types of Wedding Chairs That Are Trending

20 Types of Wedding Chairs That Are Trending

In wedding aesthetics, small details make a remarkable impact. This article delves into trendy chairs that complement your theme. From minimalistic pieces to elegant pieces, discover the trendiest options that can transform your wedding space significantly.

Ghost Chair  

Ghost Chairs made of acrylic or other transparent materials.

photo by steven van elk on unsplash

The ghost chairs get their name from their transparent appearance. Made of acrylic, the ghost chair has an arched back and wide legs that make it stylish. The see-through design gives it a minimalistic finish and blends it seamlessly into your decor.

Bamboo Chair

Bamboo Chairs made out of bamboo branches.

photo by lyudmila arslanbekova on unsplash

Chairs made out of bamboo branches have an earthy aesthetic. Bamboo chairs can be designed to give a rustic look to a modern style, depending on preference. They are perfect for a beach wedding.

Bentwood Chair

The bentwood chair has gentle curves.

photo by pau patterson photography on unsplash

The bentwood chair has gentle curves on the back and arms, giving it a distinct, comfortable appeal. Its streamlined design gives it a classic and timeless aesthetic, making it popular in closed-venue weddings

Cane Back Chair

Velvet cushions and laptops sit on the Cane Back Chair.

photo by katie polansky on unsplash

A cane back chair has a woven or interlaced striped backrest that gives it a timeless aesthetic. The woven cane and wooden frame make it versatile for indoor weddings.

Tolix Chair

Tolix chairs have four triangular legs made of sheet metal.

photo by vorsen furniture on unsplash

Tolix chairs have four triangular legs made of sheet metal, a curved seat, a round back, and a strip up at the center. These seats are great for the outdoors.

Slotted Chairs

A brown slotted chair with openings on the seat, back, or any part.

photo by robert anasch on unsplash

A slotted chair typically has openings on the seat, back, or any part of the chair. The slots add a unique touch to give the seat a modern look.

Cross-Back Chairs

Each Cross-back chair has a backrest that is X-shaped.

photo by roger ce on unsplash

Cross-back chairs have a backrest that is X-shaped. Some have a woven rattan seat, while others have cushioning for extra comfort.

Folding Chairs

Next to Folding Chairs are white candles.

photo by anastasiia chepinska on unsplash

Folding chairs are an excellent option for comfort, elegance, and versatility. They are minimalistic, making them suitable for informal wedding setups. You can add a personalized touch by using decorative props.

Havelock Chair

Havelock Chairs can be decorated to match the theme of your wedding.

photo by chris kursikowski on unsplash

The havelock chair is pitched back, with a wide seat and solid wood frames. Because they come in different patterns on the seat and backrests, you can decorate them to match the theme of your wedding.

Versailles Chairs

Sumptuous Versailles Chairs form part of this lavish wedding.

photo by finn on unsplash

Versailles chairs are a luxurious selection. Their backs are loose, upholstered, and have a dual welt. Its frames are wooden sculpted, which gives them a classy finish. They are great for a lavish wedding.

Chameleon Chairs

Comfortable black and white cushions sit on the Chameleon Chairs.

photo by s-o-c-i-a-l-c-u-t on unsplash

Chameleon chairs are built to adapt to various themes. They come with interchangeable back pads and seats, allowing customization to match your theme. The chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Marais Chairs

Marais Chairs are made of metal and have slat backs.

photo by nico smit on unsplash

Marais chairs are made of metal and have slat backs. The minimalist finish makes them great for both simple and stylish weddings. They range in colors, allowing you to choose the ones that match your theme.

Peacock Chairs

The peacock chair's high arched back resembles a peacock's tail.

photo by chris kursikowski on unsplash

The peacock chair has a high and arched-back frame that resembles peacock tails. These regal seats are made of ratan and are an excellent choice for a boohoo wedding. They also provide a stunning background for your wedding images.

Gold Wire Chair

This seat is crafted from golden steel wires.

photo by panos katsigiannis on unsplash

This seat is crafted from steel wires and coated with a golden finish. The seat has an airy feel, giving it an elegant aesthetic.

Infinity chair

Stylish Infinity chairs can be used to match your wedding.

photo by cinematicimagery on unsplash

Infinity chairs are incredibly fashionable. They have loop circles that form an infinity sign on the backrest. You can find them in several colors to match your theme.

Molded chair

The molded chair has elegant appearance.

photo by siim lukka on unsplash

Molded chairs have a sleek, ergonomic shape that gives them an elegant appearance. You can pick this to complete your deco if you gravitate toward retro styles.

Velvet chair

A velvet chair with luxurious textures and red cushions.

photo by zain raza on unsplash

If you are thinking of a plush and elegant material with a luxurious texture, the velvet chair serves it! The legs come in wooden or metal material, blending with several themes.

Wishbone chair

The wishbone chair combines fashion and tradition.

photo by hannah busing on unsplash

The decorative wishbone chair has a distinctive Y-shaped backrest resembling a wishbone. Its timeless elegance and craftsmanship make it popular for modern and traditional themes.

Fishback Chair

The back of the white fishback chair is jagged with fish scales.

photo by dillon mangum on unsplash

A fishback chair flaunts an intricate design with strips arranged as a zigzag resembling fish scales. The characteristics of this antique piece give it a decorative appearance.

Chiavari Chair

Minimalist chiavari chairs can be used for both traditional and formal weddings.

photo by hannah busing on unsplash

Originating from Italy, Chiavari chairs are known for slender lines, ladder backs, and rod-back structures. You can leave them bare or decorate them with seat covers. They can be used for both traditional and formal wedding themes.


Choosing chairs that blend your theme elevates its general aesthetics and leaves a lasting impression. Remember to factor in comfort ver, stability, and overall functionality of the seats. Whatever theme you choose, the seats will make your wedding memorable.

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